How many types of cleaning equipment for solar panels,and compare

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How many types of cleaning equipment for solar panels,and compare


Is it necessary to clean solar panels? If yes, when and how you should do it?

Once you’ve installed a solar panel, it doesn’t mean that your task is finished. When you own a car, you take it for servicing and maintenance. As all of you know a well-oiled and serviced car runs better, similarly when you provide the same level of attention to your solar panels their efficiency increases.

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OK,then which is better?faster?safer ? More Efficient?more automation ?more intelligent?

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Solar panel cleaning in dry areas

Cleaning smart tracking solar installations in the desert is not a problem for Solar  robots. Thanks to its mobility and wheel, the robot cleaner can smoothly climb and cross between solar panels, cleaning efficiently withouth human intervention.

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Solar panels (photovoltaic panels) are made up of many photovoltaic cells that use the photovoltaic effect to capture and convert sunlight into electricity. As a result, if there is a lot of dirt on the surface or garbage such as fallen leaves, bird droppings, debris, etc., the performance of the panel will be affected, reducing the system’s ability to generate electricity. Long-term stains that are not cleaned will also shorten the panel’s life. As a result, cleaning solar panels is critical to ensuring the performance and longevity of the panels as well as the projects. 

Furthermore, while cleaning solar panels, engineers can detect the risk of damage to the panel array and repair it promptly

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Robots to meet remote needs

Solar power is becoming increasingly ubiquitous as the world rethinks its electricity usage, and Dr. Miyake is convinced this trend will continue. Rainwater cleans solar panels well, but in arid desert regions such as Saudi Arabia, dust and sand accumulate on their surfaces due to lack of precipitation, which clogs them up and significantly, curtails electricity generating capacity. Mega solar panel facilities are often located in remote desert areas, with conditions that are too hot for labor-intensive cleaning operations by human workers. To restore panels to full generating capacity, Dr. Miyake developed a robot cleaner with small wheels that utilize state-of-the-art sensor technology to deftly navigate entire solar arrays using rotating brushes to flick away dust and sand.

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OK, What's like our washer?


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