N50L (12V-50AH) Maintenance-Free Automotive Car Battery Best Price 12V 50ah

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N50L-48d26L Maintenance-Free Automotive Car Battery Best Price 12V 50ahbattery SPECIFICATION
Battery Model No.          N50L, 48D26L
Cold Cranking Amps (CCA):450A (EN)
Total Height[mm]221
Base Hold-Down:B1
Layout:0( -  + )
Terminal Types:A ( Standard )

About Brava  Automotive Batteries:
As a battery series of trustworthy and maintenance free choice that offers a combination of good value and cost effective, the Brava Battery automotive car and truck batteries are the perfect solution for the vehicle starting, lighting and fuel ignition.  

With years of technology innovation and continuous improvement, this maintenance free battery series is able to offer an extensive models selection to suit the most of the vehicles on the market nowadays, no matter it's for regular cars, buses, heavy duty trucks or construction and agricultural machineries, which lead this battery series as the best-selling replacement parts in the aftermarket no doubt due to the excellent quality while you don't have to cost the earth.

If you need a battery that choose well, choose from this Brava Battery range. 

Benefits you can get:
• Advanced Calcium technology combined with improved design to guarantee performance.
• Modern design featuring recessed terminals for added safety and stable ability.
• Improved internal design for maximum performance and long life span.
• The latest in polyethylene envelope with glass fiber separators to protect against vibration.
• Solid and reliable performance.
• Best-selling product on the after service market.
• Totally maintenance free, eco friendly.

Packaging DetailsStandard
Product Description


Brava is one of the oldest and most experienced suppliers of batteries to the international markets, with extensive range of lead-acid automotive (dry and maintenance free) traction, stationary and deep cycle batteries to suit all needs. Since its establishment, our company has striven to supply batteries of, only the highest quality at the most competitive price, something that we are very pleased to see that our products have become synonymous with.

With over a quarter century of experience, our product portfolio has expanded rapidly to include an ever widening range of battery types, from dry charged and sealed maintenance free (SMF) automotive types, to industrial and solar batteries. Our dedicated staff, from the factory floor to our sales offices, have continually leverage our extensive experience, state of the art manufacturing and logistical facilities to deliver the best consistent quality batteries to our partners worldwide.

Product Type:

  1. Forklift Battery

  2. EB battery

  3. Car Battery

  4. Maintenance Free Battery

  5. Sealed Battery

  6. auto battery

  7. Traction Battery

  8. Deep Cycle Battery

  9. Automotive Battery (Dry)


High Quality 50AH Dry Charged Automotive Battery:

Automotive Battery (Dry)

Automotive Battery (Dry) has been designed for heavy duty grids and extended shelf life and is engineered to all driving conditions. It is exceptionally strong, low in water consumption and good for environment. The quality of our batteries is such that it is OEM supplied to leading vehicle manufacturers and is being directly exported to the Japanese domestic market in addition to another 82 worldwide destinations.

These products are both high quality and durable, and we also have special equipments which can make products quality higher, price more competitive. Our products raw materials are natural, and have many sizes and style to choose for the customer. All the products are suitable for you.


  1. Fine workmanship      

  2. Extra longer and continuous current supply

  3. Larger and thicker plate means less internal corrosion

  4. Lower distilled water consumption

  5. More power and longer life

  6. Well-chosen raw material

  7. Environmental and healthy

  8. We are a professional manufacturer for these products

  9. This classic product used high quality materials

  10. Nice design and good quality

  11. Easy to use and durable

  12. Low current recharge

  13. Good quality and service

  14. Competitive price

  15. Secure order/ fastest shipping

Quality at value:

We are fully committed to supplying the very best quality at the most affordable pricing so that partners around the world can reap the full rewards of their hard work promoting the 3K brand.

Reliable Delivery Schedules:

We continually endeavor to do our very best to ensure shipments are on time and without delay as per our partners requirements.

Strengthening Customer Relationships:

We are fully committed to strengthening our relationships with our clients / partners around the world. We firmly believe that by focusing on the success of our partners, we also ensure our own.

The Mission:

We are always striving to live up to the highest standards of the business. As a matter of principle, we are on the look to broaden our businesses relations and ties but making sure that we always have a list of satisfied customers. We believe that business can only survive and prosper if it wins the confidence and satisfaction of the customers.


Company NameBrava batteries
Product NameHigh Quality 50AH Dry Charged Automotive Battery
Place of OriginVietnam
Brand NameBrava
Model NumberN50R / N50L
TypeDry Charged Battery
Capacity30 - 50AH
Car MakeJapanese Type
OE NO.N50R / N50L
Packaging DetailsStandard
Delivery TimeAs you request
Payment TermsT/T
Supply AbilityEnough

We believe that business success depends upon our listening to, understanding and meeting the requirements of our customers. Customer satisfaction is our first priority. We guarantee it! We look forward the opportunity to demonstration our superiority of service and quality and from a long term business relationship with our customers.

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